Fungi Of Pakistan

This platform is a collection of all the available data about macro- as well as micro-fungi collected from Pakistan. Despite the previously available data, it is essential and need of the day that reported strains should be organized based on the available information. While compiling the checklist for this website, collection of data, putting it into electronic form and updating it according to the recent classification was indeed a challenge. Other related information such as substrate, the the location where they were observed and isolated or collected and the related references are provided. Where ‘unknown’ is stated in the online database under achieve and Fungi of Pakistan hierarchy, especially to substrate or location, indicates that relevant information was not provided in the original publication. Fungal species concerning to their culture collection accession number were listed. This platform provides valuable information about all reported strains from Pakistan. Its applicability will be helpful to get knowledge about myco-flora of country and also will be able to help researchers to find updated taxonomy, history, molecular details, and status of the strains.

The Fungi of Pakistan online resource

has several strong positive features and its main objectives are to:

Provide the myco-flora of significant and insufficiently known regions and keep a record of it.


Present the continually updated consensus of fungi classification.


Provide a platform to introduce the molecular data of previously reported species rather than to describe them as novel species with molecular data.


Provide details and notes on important changes to the registered users via this platform.


Provide an opportunity to graduate students, researchers and scholars to add missing data and put suggestions to modify the data with critical comments based on expert opinions.


Fungi Of Pakistan

The Fungi Of Pakistan Online Resource has several strong positive features.

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